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Many people in our nation aspire to enlist in the military. Rajnath Singh, the nation’s Defence Minister, has introduced the Agneepath scheme with this in mind. The country’s people will be enlisted for three years in the army under this scheme. You will find all the crucial details about the Agneepath Yojana in this article. By reading this article, you can learn more about the online application process in the section below. In addition, you will receive details about how this scheme’s selection procedure is conducted. Let’s learn more about the Agneepath scheme and how to benefit from it.


Agneepath Yojana 2022

The Indian government has introduced the Agneepath scheme. All of the nation’s youth can achieve their desire of joining the Indian Army through this scheme. Many people will be hired by the Indian Army’s three branches—the Army, Navy, and Air Force—through the Agneepath Yojana. Agniveer Bharti will be in charge of this recruitment. Under this scheme, soldiers will be enlisted for 4 years. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and the leaders of the three army wings have declared the commencement of this scheme. The young people hired under this scheme will go by the name Agniveer. During the Cabinet Committee on Micro Affairs meeting, the Agneepath Yojana received approved. The administration made the decision to start this scheme on June 14, 2022. This scheme will also show promise in terms of improving employment prospects. In addition, the implementation of this scheme will increase the nation’s security. Prior to launching this scheme, the three army commanders gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi a projection of the scheme.


The main objective of Agneepath Yojana

This scheme’s primary goal is to enlist state youngsters in the military for four years in order to realise the aspiration of every young person in the nation to join the military. In addition, the implementation of this scheme will increase the nation’s security. Youth will be appointed under the Agneepath Yojana for a period of 4 years during which they would receive high-level army training. He will learn how to be disciplined and trained through this training. This scheme will show promise in lowering the nation’s unemployment rate as well. In addition, by implementing this scheme, the nation’s residents will be able to take control of their lives and become independent. The average age of jawans will drop to 26 years when this scheme is implemented. Additionally, 25% of all of these youth will be retained in employment.




Recruitment age limit extended under Agneepath Yojana

The age restriction for Agniveers under this scheme has been raised from 21 to 23 years old this year as a one-time measure only. The upper recruiting age limit has thus been raised by 2 years, but only for the year 2022. The main reason for raising the age restriction is to allow more and more teenagers to sign up for army recruiting this year. For Agniveer Technical (All Disciplines) openings, preference will be given to qualified graduates of ITI schemes under the Agniveer initiative. In addition, the Army Recruiting Office Ambala Cantt spokesperson urged the young to avoid touting and to under no circumstances take performance-enhancing substances while attending the demonstration.


Key Highlights Of Agneepath Yojana 2022

Scheme Name

Agneepath Yojana

who started

Indian government


citizens of india


recruitment of youth

official website

Click Here

Minimum and maximum age for application

17.5 to 21 years



Application Type



An amount of more than 11 lakhs will be provided on completion of the term

The soldiers may even be retained in future duty by the armed forces once their term as Agneepath Yojana-appointed youngsters has ended. At the end of three to four years, the majority of the soldiers will be relieved of duty, and they will be helped by strengthened forces to find new work prospects. In addition, major businesses are demonstrating an interest in hiring such disciplined and skilled young people. Of all of these adolescents, about 25% will remain in service. Youths between the ages of 17.5 and 21 will be retained in the army under this scheme. The young person would receive a service fund package worth 11.71 lakh rupees after completing their service tenure. Agneepath Yojana would involve the recruitment of approximately 46000 adolescents. Girls will be chosen as part of this scheme. The government will begin hiring under this scheme within the next 90 days. All Agniveers must complete their training within the allotted timeframe of 10 weeks to 6 months. Instead of any specific unit, Agniveers will be enlisted under this scheme at the national level.


The government would not withdraw support for Agneepath Yojana

  • The Indian Army has made a significant announcement on the Agneepath Yojana. The three armies coordinated a press conference. In which it was announced that the government would not abandon the Agneepath scheme. The Army has informed it that the age of the military is rising, which is a cause for concern. The government introduced the Agneepath scheme with this in mind.
  • All Agniveers will be subject to the same service requirements as regular soldiers. Agneepath scheme registration will begin on June 24, 2022. The online test process will begin on July 24th under this arrangement. Induction into the Air Force will begin for the first group of Agniveers in December. On December 30, testing for this batch will begin. The Indian Navy will announce the specifics of the Agneepath scheme’s recruitment by June.Second batch will be recruited under Agneepath Yojana in February 2023. On November 21, the first group of Agniveero chosen under this scheme will report to the testing facilities. In addition, this program’s recruitment rally will be held in August, September, and October. Agniveers will be inducted in a second group in February of the following year 2023. Additionally, by June 25th, the broadcast ministry in the Navy will receive information about NAVY’s advertisements. On November 21, the first batch of NAVY recruits will begin reporting to INS Chilka Orissa.


Agneepath Yojana Schedule

Issuance of Guidelines for recruitment (NAVY)

25th June 2022

First batch recruits to join training program (NAVY)

21st November 2022

Beginning of registration process (Air force)

24th June 2022

Commencement of online examination for Phase 1 (Air force)

24th July 2022

First batch recruits to join training program (Air force)

30 December 2022

Issuance of notification of army

20th June 2022

Issuance of notification by various recruitment units of the force

1st July 2022

Joining date of second lot of recruits

23rd February 2023


Salary under Agneepath Scheme

Agniveer would receive a 4.76 lakhs rupee yearly compensation in the first year. In four years, this bundle will cost 6.92 lakh. In the first year, Agniveers will receive an salary worth Rs 30,000 per month wherein 30%, or Rs 9,000, will be taken out as PF deductions, and the government will contribute the same amount as PF. After then, a monthly compensation of Rs 21,000 will be given. The government will raise the pay by 10% every year. Agniveer will receive a salary of Rs 40,000 per month in the fourth year. In addition, Agniveer will receive a lump sum service payment of Rs. 11.71 lakh after 4 years which won’t be subject to tax. In addition, if a soldier is assigned to a challenging location, they will receive a highship allowance much like other army members. In addition, Agniveer will receive a Rs. 48 lakh insurance policy, and if Agniveer passes away while working for four years, his family would receive Rs. 10000000 in compensation. Agniveers will also receive a bank borrowing facility.

Eligibility of Agneepath Yojana

Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms)

  • Age of the applicant should be between 17.5 and 23 years old. 
  • Agniveer must have scored a minimum of 45% overall and 33% in each subject in class X.
  • In boards that use a grading system, Agniveer should have received a minimum grade of D in each subject and an overall grade of C2.


Agniveer (technical) (all arms) and Agniveer (technical) (aviation and ammunition examiner)

  • The applicant’s age should fall between 17.5 and 23 years old.
  • Agniveer must have received at least 40% in each of the four subjects and 50% overall in class 12 in physics, chemistry, math, and English. OR
  • Applicants who have completed an ITI or Nios scheme may also apply. They should have finished a minimum one-year scheme at NSQF level 4 or higher in the needed field.


Agniveer Clerk/Store Keeper (Technical) (All Arms)

  • The applicant’s age should range from 17.5 to 23 years.
  • Agniveer must have completed his or her 12th grade year. Each subject should receive a minimum of 50%.
  • The overall grade for this scheme is set at 60%.
  • Agniveer must get a minimum of 50% in math, accounting, and bookkeeping in order to graduate from class twelve.


Agniveer Tradesman (all arms) 10th pass

  • The candidate must be between the ages of 17.5 and 23.
  • Agniveer is required to have completed class 10.
  • A minimum score of 33% is required for the application.Agniveer Tradesman (all arms) 8th pass. 
  • The candidate must be between the ages of 17.5 and 23.
  • The applicant must have completed class VIII.
  • A minimum score of 33% is required for the application.



Selection of firefighters

By providing them with high-level training, fire fighters who enlist in the Air Force will have the opportunity to serve. In addition, the average soldier age, which is currently 32 years, will drop by 6 to 7 years to 26 years during the next 6 years. Agniveers will be used on aircraft, submarines, and ships. In addition, women will be hired to work as sellers. The Army Chief confirmed that the recruitment standards under this scheme will not be compromised.In addition, Agniveer will be chosen through an open hiring procedure. Agniveer must meet all requirements for medical eligibility. Each batch’s 25% agniveers will be enrolled in Shastra Balo. Youth can be appointed to any regiment, unit, or establishment under the Agneepath Yojana. In addition, Agniveer Samman and Awards will be granted in accordance with the current regulations.

Benefits and Features of Agneepath Scheme

  • The Indian government has introduced the Agneepath scheme.
  • All of the nation’s youth can realise their desire of joining the Indian Army through this scheme.
  • All three of the Indian Army’s branches—the Army, Navy, and Air Force—will be heavily recruited under this scheme, which falls under the Agneepath initiative.
  • Under this scheme, soldiers will be enlisted for 4 years.
  • Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and the leaders of the three army wings have declared the commencement of this scheme.
  • The young people hired under this scheme will go by the name Agniveer.
  • On June 14, 2022, the government decided to launch the Agneepath Yojana, and this decision was approved during a Cabinet Committee on Micro Affairs meeting.
  • This scheme will also show promise in terms of improving employment prospects. In addition, the implementation of this scheme will increase the nation’s security.
  • Prior to launching this scheme, the three army commanders gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi a projection of the scheme.
  • Operating this scheme will help the state’s kids become independent and powerful.
  • In addition to this, their quality of life will also rise.

Other benefits included in the package under Agneepath Yojana. 

  • The total yearly package is 4.76 lakhs in the first year and 6.92 lakhs in the fourth year.
  • Allowances – All of the allowances given to the soldiers will be given to Agniveer.
  • Every Agniveer is required to donate 30% of his monthly wage to the service fund.
  • The government will also provide an equivalent sum.
  • Agniveer would receive an income tax-free payment of Rs. 11.71 lakh once four years have passed.
  • Agniveers will receive a non-contributory life insurance policy with a Rs 44 lakh death benefit.
  • A further ex-gratia payment of Rs 44 lakh will be made if Agniveer passes away while still working. The remainder of the service fund component time up to four years that was not used will also be reimbursed.
  • Compensation in the event of a disability will be given based on the percentage of disability determined by the medical authorities. For incapacity, a one-time ex-gratia payment of Rs. 44/25/15 lakh would be made.
  • After Tenure is Completed – After Tenure is Completed, Candidates Can Receive Service Fund. In addition, provisions will be created for skill certification and credit toward further education.


Indian Army recruitment under Agneepath scheme


first to second year

third year

fourth year

Indian army




Indian Air Force




indian navy





Agneepath Yojana Selection Process

  • The Army’s merit list will be used as the basis for choosing candidates for the Agneepath Yojana.
  • Based on the written test, physical test, literacy test, etc., a merit list will be created.



Information on annual basis of salary provided under Agneepath Yojana


Monthly package

In hand salary

Contribution to Agniveer corpus fund 30%

Contribution to corpus fund by the government of India

1st year

Rs 30000

Rs 21000

Rs 9000

Rs 9000

2nd year

Rs 33000

Rs 23100

Rs 9900

Rs 9900

3rd year

Rs 36500

Rs 25580

Rs 10950

Rs 10950

4th year

Rs 40000

Rs 28000

Rs 12000

Rs 12000

Total contribution in corpus fund after 4 years



Rs 5.02 lakh

Rs 5.02 lakh



Important documents

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • proof of age
  • 10th or 12th class mark sheet
  • medical certificate
  • passport size photograph
  • mobile number
  • email id etc


Myths and their supporting evidence in the Agneepath scheme

  • The future of Agniveers is insecure – The government will offer financial assistance and bank loans to those Agniveers who wish to launch their own businesses. Agniveers who wish to continue their education will be required to complete a bridging course and receive a certificate prior to their 12th birthday. The Central Armed Police Forces and State Police will offer employment possibilities to those persons who are willing to work. In addition to this, a lot of additional fields will be made available to the firefighters in order to safeguard their future.
  • Youth will have fewer opportunities – All Agniveer citizens will have more opportunities to enlist youth in powerful military forces. In powerful armed forces, three times as many Agni Veers will be recruited.
  • Regimental loyalty would be impacted – The Indian government will not alter the regimental system. The regimental system will get stronger with the implementation of this scheme since the best fire fighters will be chosen here.
  • The military forces’ ability to function will be impacted – In the majority of nations around the world, individuals are recruited into the armed forces for a limited time. The government will only recruit 3% of the whole military force into the army in the first year. After four years, they will be re-inducted into the army after their performance has been evaluated. The army can recruit experienced soldiers using this approach.  
  • Most armies in the world are made up of young people, hence youthful warriors won’t be dependable. With the Agniveer Yojana in action, the army will have an equitable mix of youthful and seasoned senior officers.


Accident of Disability under Agneepath Yojana

Percentage of disability accepted

Percentage to be reckoned for computing disability compensation

Between 20% and 49%


Between 50% and 75%


Between 76% and 100%




Benefits provided in case of death


Benefits provided to Agniveers

In case of death while on duty

Insurance cover of 48 lacs Lump sum amount of 44 lacs Salary till completion of 4 years will be provided along with service fund

in case of normal death

Insurance cover of 48 lakhs Agniveer’s service endowment fund with government contribution and interest

In case of disability due to duty

Lumpsum amount 44/25/15 lakh on the basis of disability 100/75/50 percent. Salary till completion of 4 years will be provided with service fund. Agniveer’s service fund will be provided with government contribution and interest.



Process to apply under Agneepath Yojana

The government has simply stated that it will launch the Agneepath Yojana at this time. The official website to submit applications for this scheme will soon be launched by the government. We shall update you through this page as soon as the government releases any information pertaining to the application under this scheme. You are therefore asked to continue reading this article of ours.Recruitment of Firemen

  • This scheme will not use any other model for selection.
  • The fire heroes will be chosen in the same manner as the army has done it up until now.
  • There are selection centres for the Army all over the nation.
  • These centres will be used to choose fire warriors.


Terms and Conditions of Agneepath Scheme

  • Under the Agneepath Yojana, citizens would be appointed for terms of 4 years.
  • A distinct rank will be assigned to the appointed citizens.
  • Agniveer can complete a permanent enrollment process after four years have passed.
  • Roughly 25% of Agniveers will be hired.
  • If a candidate is accepted for permanent enlistment, their eligibility will be reviewed in accordance with current Army regulations.
  • About 46000 Agni Veers will be appointed this year.
  • This program’s enrollment will be handled by a centralised online system, a rally, and a campus interview.
  • All India buses carrying all courses would be used for enrollment.
  • The minimum and maximum ages for applicants under this scheme are 17.5 and 21 years, respectively. 
  • The minimum educational requirement for this scheme has been set at class ten.

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