Delhi govt’s new electricity subsidy scheme kicks off from today

The Delhi government’s new electricity scheme, under which only those consumers who opt for the subsidy will receive it, came into effect from Saturday.

According to officials, 25.63 lakh consumers have so far applied for the power subsidy, after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced last month that people can give a missed call or send a WhatsApp message on 7011311111 to opt for the subsidy.

The domestic power consumers in the city eligible for the subsidy will not get it by default from October 1. Kejriwal had said many people want to opt out of the subsidy scheme and those who do not require it should not get it.

The Chief Minister had also said the subsidy will continue for those who apply.

There are 58 lakh domestic power consumers in Delhi, of whom 47 lakh avail the subsidy, including 30 lakh who get zero bills and 16-17 lakh who get a 50-per cent subsidy.

At present, the consumers with a power consumption of less than 200 units do not have to pay any charges and those with a consumption of up to 400 units get a 50-per cent subsidy.

Those who apply by October 31 will get the subsidy for the month, Kejriwal had announced last week. Those who do not do so will have to pay their bills but can apply next month, he had said.

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