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What is Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana | What are the benefit of Rajasthan Free Uniform Distribution Scheme | What is the eligibility criteria for Free Uniform Distribution Scheme


The state government of Rajasthan has launched a new initiative to expand the education sector whose name is Free Uniform Distribution Scheme. Through this scheme, pupils attending government schools will receive free school uniforms. Parents of pupils from economically disadvantaged sections won’t have to worry about paying for their child’s school uniform thanks to the Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana. Here, in this article, we will provide you all the information you need about the Free Uniform Distribution Scheme in this article today.

Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana 2023 | Free Uniform Distribution Scheme

The Free Uniform Distribution Scheme has been launched by Mr. Ashok Gehlot, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Through this scheme, pupils attending state-run public schools will receive free uniforms. The education department will give uniform material to all female pupils in classes one through eight at the 64479 public schools. The school will offer the children with this uniform cloth. Through the Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana, pupils will receive two sets of uniform fabric. Additionally, 200 rupees will be transferred to the students’ bank accounts for the cost of sewing the uniform outfit. One lakh 16 thousand 828 children in the district will receive dress clothes as part of this scheme.


Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana 2022


Key Highlight  of Free Uniform Distribution Scheme 2023

Scheme NameNishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana
initiatedby the Government of Rajasthan
purposeProviding two sets of uniform fabric to a government school student
beneficiaryStudents studying in government school from class 1 to class 8
Application Processoffline
official website


Dress stitching Fee will be paid separately

Each student will receive 200 rupees for the stitching of their dress as part of the Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana. If a young person has no bank account, then, in this case, the payment amount will be deposited to his family’s account. The district’s 1.16 lakh kids in grades one through eight will benefit from the free distribution of uniform scheme.


Total number of children studying in class 1 to class 8

8th7 lakhs


Fabric to be provided at district and block level

Nearly all of the state’s fabric has been distributed at the district and block levels. Only kids who have registered for classes from 1 through 8 by 30 August 2022 will receive a free uniform. Students will get school uniforms made of brick fabric through block-level PEEO (Panchayat Elementary Education Officer in Rural Areas) and UCEEO (Urban Cluster Elementary Education Officer).


Amount to be spent for free uniform scheme

The government has allocated Rs 1400 crore for the free uniform distribution scheme, of which Rs 200 would be transferred into each student’s bank account. Through this scheme, uniform fabric would be made available to 70 lakh pupils. School uniforms for 2 lakh 88 thousand youngsters in the Bhilwara district will cost Rs 5 crore 76 lakh 36 thousand 800 under the uniform distribution scheme.


Key Points for Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana  

  • The majority of the state’s schools now wear uniform clothing. On the packet of this uniform, there is a picture of the chief minister, Ashok Gehlot.
  • In the district’s Niwai block, uniforms will be provided to a maximum of 23 thousand 881 students.
  • More female students receive free uniforms under this scheme than male students do. There are 62 thousand 305 female students overall. Additionally, there are 54,503 pupils.
  • 1 lakh 16 thousand 808 pupils in classes 1 through 8 will receive dress clothing in each district in the state.


Benefits and Features of Free Uniform Distribution Scheme

  • Rajasthan’s government schools will be the only ones offering this scheme’s benefits to students.
  • Students in grades 1 through 8 will receive two sets of school uniform fabric.
  • A student who sewed the dress will also receive paid in the amount of Rs 200 on their account.
  • The school will provide the kids the uniform material that the state government has donated.
  • The Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana will result in an increase in the number of kids attending public schools.
  • Children who lack the funds to purchase a school uniform will benefit from the scheme.


Eligibility for Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana

  • The applicant must be a native of Rajasthan.
  • Only children of government schools studying in class 1 to class 8 will be eligible for this scheme.   


Documents required for Free Uniform Distribution Scheme 

  • Aadhar card
  • bank account distribution
  • income certificate
  • caste certificate
  • permanent certificate
  • mobile number
  • educational qualification document
  • passport size photo 


How to apply for Nishulk Uniform Vitran Yojana

  • Students who wish to participate in this scheme must first visit their school to get an application for the Uniform Distribution Scheme from a teacher.
  • After receiving the application form, you must fill it out completely with the requested information.
  • This application form must be submitted with all required documentation.
  • Following that, you must send this form only to your school.
  • The department will check the form after you submit it.
  • The children will receive their two sets of school uniform fabric from the school only after that.

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