How to Check Passport Application Status Online & Offline in India

Passport Status Check Online in India | How to Track Your Passport Application Status | Check Passport Status by SMS, File Number


A passport is a travel document that confirms the identity and nationality of the holder for the purpose of international travel. Passports are issued by governments to their citizens. Any person who plans to travel overseas for any purpose must have a valid passport. A passport application must be submitted online. After applying, we can periodically check the status of the passport. Therefore, all the information on how to check the status of a passport application after filing in India will be supplied in this post.



Passport Application Status Meaning

Application Status


Not Available means

The application may take up to two weeks to reach at one of passport offices or centres. Your application is still making its way to us,

In Process means

The application is now being examined by one of the passport centers or organizations.

Approved Means

The Completed passport will be produced after thoroughly reviewing the application

Mailed means

The approved passport will be sent to the address of the applicant. Visit the online passport status system to find the tracking number.


Passport Status Check Overview

Article Name 

Passport status check


Government Of India





Objective of Passport Status Check

In the past, if a passport applicant wanted to check the status of their application, they had to travel to the relevant office, which took time. The government has opted to handle all services linked to passport application status digitally in order to address this problem. This would aid the applicants and save them time by making it simple to check the status of a passport.

What are needed while checking the Application status?

In order to check the status, applicants must have: Passport file number and applicant’s date of birth

Ways to check the passport Application Status

There are three ways in which an applicant can check the passport application status. They are:

1.      Via Official website

  • First, visit the official website of “Passport Seva. The homepage will appear.
  • Choose the “Track Your Application Status” link or Directly Click Here
  • Choose the passport type from the list of possibilities in the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the 15-digit file number and date of birth in the correct manner.
  • The current status of thea pplication will be shown on the screen after clicking “Track Status.” 
  • The next page will display the status.


2.      Via Offline

The following steps has to be followed to check the status of your application offline.

  • Through SMS: Send “STATUS FILE Phone” to 9704100100 from your registered mobile number. You may receive information on the progress of your passport application directly on your phone. During the application period, you have the option to choose this premium SMS service.
  • National Call Center: The applicant can enquire by calling the toll-free number National Call Center 1800-258-1800 between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


3.      Via Seva App

  • The smartphone app mPassport Seva allows applicants to easily monitor the progress of their passport applications. You can also make advantage of additional features like appointment scheduling and registration.
  • This mobile app can be used on devices running iOS and Android.
  • Follow these easy steps to check the status of your passport application.
  • The Apple App Store or Google Play Store are where you may download the mPassport Seva app.
  • To register, provide your name, email address, and birthdate.
  • Consider using “Status Tracker.” Enter your DOB and the 15-digit file number to track the status of your passport application.



Passport Dispatch and Delivery Status

After being approved and going through all the required formalities, the applicant receives their passport in the mail. Most of the time, Indian Speed Post sends applicants’ passports to the current address listed on the passport application. So, if any applicant wants to check the speed post in the tracking utility to see the status of the passport delivery, they can do so. The real-time delivery status may be delayed, so it is preferable to speak with the closest Speed Post Center about the passport. The only recourse is to get in touch with the Regional Passport Office for more assistance if the speed post is unable to find the applicant’s location and returns the passport. 

  • You must first be aware of the 13-digit tracking number from the tracking application status in order to examine the dispatch and delivery statuses. On the passport Seva website’s official page, you may find this number.
  • A location where users can visit, use the website’s tools, and find the consignment tracking page.
  • After that, enter the “Consignment Number” field with the 13-digit tracking number. Click “Search” after that.
  • If there is no delivery tracking information available, your passport has not yet been sent.


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