Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha, recently announced the commencement of the Mukhyamantri Sikshya Puraskar Yojana for additional schools as well as schools changed as part of the 5T programme. For achieving effective learning and teaching, Patnaik formally announced annual rewards of Rs 100 crore for students, educational institutions, and administrators, instructors, sarpanches, school management committees, and alumni. Awards will be given to 50,000 pupils, 1,500 principals, school management committees, sarpanches, and alumni. The awards were presented by the Chief Minister today at the Government High School in Unit IX during the state-wide Children’s Day celebrations’ closing ceremony.


On this occasion, Patnaik introduced Digi Locker to the Board of Secondary Education and the Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) (BSE). Certificates, grade reports, and other student documents can be stored safely and conveniently in this virtual locker. There won’t be any possibility of theft or loss. Three important recommendations were given by the Chief Minister in his speech to the students. The first is the call of the hour. Students appreciate their time, he said. The Chief Minister declared that now is the ideal moment for kids to learn, emphasising that kids may stay ahead by acting appropriately at the appropriate time. He counselled kids to create their own identities by dominating in all endeavours, such as music, dancing, and sports.


Second, the Chief Minister declared that accepting change and moving forward with time were both necessary because “change is inevitable.” He advised them to get ready for new difficulties and said that the fundamental objective of the 5T transformation is to get kids ready for new challenges. He suggested that kids develop a scientific temperament. Third, he reminded the kids of their obligations and the need to respect those who had helped them along the way, including their instructors, families, communities, and schools. The Chief Minister also revealed the “Mo School” coffee table book, magazine, and newsletter while presenting awards to students who had excelled in various subjects.

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