Veerangna Seva Kendra: Veerangna Seva Kendra – Redressal of complaints of Martyrs’ Wives

Veerangna Seva Kendra Online Complaint Registration | How to file a complaint online at Virangana Seva Kendra , know the procedure. 


The Indian Army takes significant steps for the martyr’s wife. Veerangna Seva Kendra (VSK Portal), a website developed by the Indian Army, is dedicated to the welfare of martyrs’ wives and the resolving of problems. VSK Portal will provide Veer Naris and the soldiers who lost their lives in war with genuine care and support. Through this forum, complaints pertaining to welfare may also be made. Any information regarding Veerangana Seva Kendra will be presented here in this article.

Veerangana Seva Kendra 2022

With the motto “Taking Care of Your Own, No Matter What,” the Indian Armed Force has established “Veerangana Seva Kendra” to provide government aid and complaint redressal for Veer Naris/Wives of Martyrs. The Virangana Seva Kendra Project was launched on November 10, 2022, at the Directorate of Ex-Servicemen (DIAV) facilities of the Indian Army, Delhi Cantt, by the President of the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA). On the Indian Army Veterans Portal (, Veerangana Seva Kendra will be available as a service. Martyrs’ wives will be able to file their grievances through this platform and will also have access to monitoring, tracking, and regular feedback.


Veerangna Seva Kendra 2022


Key Highlights of Veerangna Seva Kendra 2022

Name of the Scheme : Veerangana Seva Kendra

Who started: Indian Armed Force

Objective: to provide welfare for the martyrs’ wives and redressal of grievances.

Beneficiary: Martyrs’ wives.

Started year: 2022

Application Mode: Through online  mode.

Official website:

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Objective of Veerangna Seva Kendra 2022

The Veerangana Seva Kendra was established primarily to help the martyrs’ wives and to address their problems. Wives of martyrs will be permitted to file complaints. through DAV, Colonel Betterments, and related record agencies. Veer Naris will also have the chance to go to this location and Veerangana Seva Kendra in order to file and follow up on their concerns.


How to contact for Veerangna Seva Kendra?

Veer Naris will have many ways to get in touch with Veerangana Seva Kendra through the closest project and Veerangana Seva Kendra via phone, SMS, WhatsApp, mail, email, and walk-in to receive support. Through customer relationship management software, the status of complaints will be tracked, and applicants will regularly receive status updates via SMS and email. A division of DIAV, AG will carry out the project. And BISAZ-N is the company that created the technological solution. Hero MotoCorp has additionally provided support through their CSR programme.


Connection with officers through a common digital platform

Project Virana Seva Kendra will link numerous stakeholders, including Utilize technology to connect the Record Office, Officer Record Office, ECHS, AWWA, Canteen Services Directorate, Colonels Veteran, PCDA, and Liaison Officers in PCDA(P) on a common digital platform. Email is used to link non-military stakeholders such the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB), Rashtriya Sainik Board (RSB), and Zilla Sainik Board (JSB).


Key Points of Veerangna Seva Kendra

• In order to assist the widows of martyrs on Veerangna Seva Kendra, a WhatsApp number will be supplied soon.

• Through the relevant record offices, Colonel Betterments, and DAV, women of martyrs can file complaints about benefits on the Veerangana Seva Kendra portal.

• Veer Naris will meet with the assistant manager, the VSK/OIC VSK will also have the chance to tour the facilities and go to the Veerangana Seva Kendra to file and follow up on their concerns.

• Through the Veerangana Seva Kendra portal, the widows of martyrs can file grievances. Additionally, their solution is known.

• To preserve internal connections and empathy with the recipients, Veer Naris was hired as BS staff. in order for him to receive and fabricate complaints.

Benefits and features of Veerangana Seva Kendra

• The President of the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) officially unveiled the Veerangana Seva Kendra project on November 10, 2022, at the Directorate of Ex-Servicemen (DIAV) of the Indian Army in Delhi Cantt, with the theme “Taking Care of Your Own, No Matter What.”

• Veerangana Seva Kendra will be a service on the Indian Army Veterans Portal, which may be accessed at

Wives of martyrs will be able to file complaints through this channel.

• In addition, the complainant will have access to this window’s monitoring, tracking, and regular feedback features.

• This portal will provide benefits to the wives of martyrs.

• The DI AV, AG branch is in charge of the project.

• Will have access to Customer Relationship Management to track the progress of complaints


Procedure to login to Veerangna Seva Kendra portal

  • First, visit the official website of Directory of Indian Army Veterans to login to Veerangana Seva Kendra Portal .
  • Then, the home page of the website will open in front of you.

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